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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Everyday I draw closer to you...

Its amazing how God's love makes life better. I am so grateful that there hasn't been a year when I haven't felt loved, cared for and needed yet I didn't always appreciate this blessing.
When walking through the valleys of life and ascending the hills of success , remember that you are loved in all situations, good and bad. Most of us take for granted the one's who truly love and care for us , running after a ghost, an illusion of love. I guess,the grass is always greener on the other side but thats until you get there, then there's a new lawn to long for.

Remember to appreciate those who p
rove they love you each and everyday. I recently had new friends/new beings to love, enter my life through God's grace. This was only possible because of an everyday angel, an acquaintance who heard my dreams and knew I needed an introduction to someone who would help .This made me realize that blessings aren't just material things, it's also the individuals who are sent out of love to lend a helping hand just when you were throwing in the towel. Blessings are the things that keep your dreams alive. For this I am thankful.

Be blessed

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