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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fallen Angels- For money or Love

Some day's I feel that I'm all about the Benjamin's however small they might be. I recently read a passage that stated you cannot have two master's money and God. You must choose one!! Can you spell Dilemma? I understand that on a spiritual and emotional level your focus cannot be on worldly goods but how does one sustain an unimprovished lifestyle in a society so consumer driven. If you live carefree without that all might dollar , you run the risk of hurting yourself and the one's you love with constant dependency on the government or worse. While an overwhelming need for money has spawned the Enrons and Martha Stewart's of the world as callous and greedy they've been they are able to provide their kids with an education and a lifestyle that will surely provide a somewhat secure future, its an education that only money can buy. I say all this to say money has its purpose but balance is key and God's love has kept the most lowly of us alive , healthy and somewhat happy. So stock pile on God's love, love for mankind, love for life.... Plus if money made you happy Britney Spears would be my therapist.


Anonymous Matilda said...

Well written article.

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