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Monday, June 26, 2006


And the latest dance poised to take over my island people is called the Stookie and yes the dance is as enticing as it sounds. I had the pleasure of witnessing it for the first time at the strip club this weekend crispy's got more on another one of our MIS guided-Adventures

Side Note: As corny as it may sound I think I found my soulmate. Well myself and desperate bumblebee/ stalker lady. She was stuck to my man- Tango?* Like glue , I kid you not security had to beat her off this guy's umm.... man parts.

Anyway my peeps I present the Stookie* , at least you won't need a chiropractor to survive this dance craze, this isn't always the case.

1)not really sure what his name was , he was just the one with the nicest ....
2)WIP translations needs an updated JAMAICAN glossary , cause I don't think it means this


Blogger RiceCrispy said...

I have to disagree...there nothing misguided about this adventure! :-P

Now the stookie? Much like the dutty whine, I think the boys should let us take care of this one too.

4:31 PM  
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