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Monday, June 26, 2006


And the latest dance poised to take over my island people is called the Stookie and yes the dance is as enticing as it sounds. I had the pleasure of witnessing it for the first time at the strip club this weekend crispy's got more on another one of our MIS guided-Adventures

Side Note: As corny as it may sound I think I found my soulmate. Well myself and desperate bumblebee/ stalker lady. She was stuck to my man- Tango?* Like glue , I kid you not security had to beat her off this guy's umm.... man parts.

Anyway my peeps I present the Stookie* , at least you won't need a chiropractor to survive this dance craze, this isn't always the case.

1)not really sure what his name was , he was just the one with the nicest ....
2)WIP translations needs an updated JAMAICAN glossary , cause I don't think it means this

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Made for loving

Its the 2006 FIFA World Cup my peeps and some of the worlds most talented and beautiful men are gathered in one spot to sweat it out and be crowned best footballers in the world.

Which means for the next month (JUNE 9th - JULY 9th) HOT PINK EVERYDAY, the west Indian princess can barely contain herself with so much choice. From England we have Cole, then Cahill and the Aussies, Becks and more British cuties, Holland always has the hotties , Portugal's Cristano and Italy's Toni are to die for and Swedish Freddie seems like he's a thinker(yum) and of course Becks appears twice cause he's Da Original football pin-up.

I wouldn't be the Princess if I didn't bigg up* the TRINI posse. Soca Warriors SHAKA Hislop and Carlos Edwards had a great game on Saturday and represented for the Caribbean. W.I.P, I (heart) Trini men

And What would the world cup be, without the form of the African men and the Brazilian hotties.

*W.I.P TRANSLATION: give major props a.k.a congratulate
Read more athttp://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/

I believe in Miracles

I know, this post has been tearing up the net, but I just can't get enuff of the "healing".

Don't you just love the "Ni%$a Please" look on the good sisters face when the caller didn't buy the hanky. Sista ain't playin buy the damnnnn Hanky or go to Hell.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


SO Angie had the baby this past May, and all the net has been a flutter about Shiloh Pitt , this month’s new baby jesus,(sorry suri and Kingston). This is what she was supposed to look like and this how she actually looks . Rumour had it that shiloh would have been mixed, now the word on the street according to the reputable National Enquirer is that Angelina may end up on Maury cause Angie got baby daddy drama, get this Brad may not be the father!! stay tuned peeps. Shiloh we are looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the gang on Beverly Hills 90210 redux.

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