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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Don't mean to be Political


The dark side of interracial dating, the world hasn't changed much, it just got subtle

A friend of mine was recently dumped because of their skin colour, racism hasn't crossed their mind , the problem is that Significant Other's (SO) mom doesn't like that my friend was black. My dilemma is that my friend doesn’t see MOM is racist as can be and SO is not going to change. You see SO's Mom "really likes my friend". (More like-she likes the idea of liking black people) In my experience delusional white people like that never think they're racist.
I may be wrong but me thinks SO was just passing the time, getting the jungle fever tango on, why would I say this well they broke up on the way to the airport after my friend’s first visit to SO's hood which just happens to be in Mississippi (I know!!). SO mother's influence may have little to do with it, cuz SO knew how mom felt when they were together for a year (but in another country). Apparently Grandfather, Aunts and Uncles would be very upset about the match. In my opinion SO wanted to rebel and now that Mom saw it getting too serious, mom put the axe on it
Peep this convo

How long were you together?

ans:almost a year

did mom always know you were black?

ans: yeah,from the start

and she only recently expressed a problem?
ans: yeah just Sunday

what could have brought that on?

ans:maybe she got some calls, maybe people were saying they saw SO with me

was this your first time visiting?

ans: yeah, first one

maybe u weren't welcomed?


so you two broke up yesterday?

ans: yeah, when SO was driving me to the airport, thing is SO's mum likes me, it's only my skin colour

no, that’s a part of you, she gotta take that as well, if she really likes you

ans: I know

How are you going to like a person but not their skin colour?

Are we all existing in a false utopia, are we forgetting that world is still seen as black
and white?

Not only does SO's mom disapprove but the whole family , My friend thought Mom's would take their side but she's not and now mum's is forcing them to end things… and unfortunately SO caved. According to my friend"the thing that hurt is that she was so nice to me, if she wasn't then I’d expect it, but it came out the blue."

I say, my friend was Lulled into a false sense of security . This was not out of the blue!! its unfortunate, cuz I think that if my friend’s parents had a problem they would try to accept that they are in love, and it’s a pity SO's can't do the same. It just goes to show love ain't simple and neither is dating outside your race so make sure you're in it for the right reasons .


Blogger RiceCrispy said...

I could make a long comment about this but I'll sum it up in one word: CHUUPS!

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