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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Guess whose back

Tired my A$$

The west indian princess was on hiatus for purely pleasurable reasons :) more on that later. So a girl takes a break and all hell breaks loose, kids meet the tired blackman http://www.tiredblackman.com/.

All I want to know is What kinda sadistic idiot brings his new girl to his baby mama's house... But he said it best...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Breaking News; Marriage is for white people

"If Jesus Christ bought me an engagement ring, I wouldn't take it," a separated thirty-something friend told me. "I'd tell Jesus we could date, but we couldn't marry."
And this my friends is the current state of mind of black women when discussing the prospect of marriage. What happened? Is Happily ever after and the white picket fence such a cliche in the black community. Well according to the statistics yes it is!! Kimora and Russell Simmons just called it quits after 8 years of Marriage , two beautiful daughters and millions in the bank. With marriages and relationships falling apart faster than they start, the odds are looking dismal for any chance of "forever and always". Are black women fooling themselves if they decide to date blackmen exclusively? or
Should we follow Sanaa's path in "Something New" and just date white men(more on this ), It may be hard out there for a P.i.m.P but It sure looks harder for B.A.P, Read more on this issue in Joy Jones' article

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