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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Don't mess with Naomi, J.A. Don't play!!

Breaking news ...Naomi throwing dem bones again!!!
According to reports Naomi Campbell was just arrested for assault, she apparently threw an object at a 41 year old woman, causing her injury. Oh Naomi that could have been your Mama!!

But come on now!!
When will these Assistants learn not to disrespect Jamaica's Original Queen Bee. Until Ms Campbell stays on her Meds.. I suggest she hire Jamaican help who will better understand her needs (ermm ganja, sistren needs to mello!!).

Naomi has had a long history of stomping her help. I think this is a cry for her help or at least a reality show, called Naomi and the last bitch standing©..... What do you guys think Anger management or a Reality show?Which will help ole Nuckles Campbell.


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